Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

NaturaLawn of America features a wide array of organic-based lawn care solutions. We offer two types of lawn care programs that we customize for customers’ specific needs. We’ve been developing organic lawn care and maintenance programs since the 1980s. As an industry pioneer, we have the expertise and experience that our customers can rely on.

NaturaLawn of America features a 100% Pesticide-Free Lawn Care Program that includes:

  • Lawn evaluation
  • A custom lawn care plan that meets the lawn / soil’s specific care needs
  • Organic fertilization

We rely on no weed or pest controls for this program. The result is a lush, healthy lawn that has the nutrients it needs to naturally combat pests and weeds.

We also feature an Organic-Based Lawn Care Program. It’s similar in nature to our 100% organic lawn care program, but it includes:

  • Low-level weed and pest controls
  • Organic fertilizers

This program also requires a thorough assessment of the lawn and soil to determine its precise care needs.

Other Services

NaturaLawn of America features other environmentally friendly services designed to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. These services include:


Aeration alleviates soil compaction, promoting improved lawn growth. By perforating the soil, air, water, and nutrients can circulate better and improve the health of the lawn without any need for chemical restoration.

Aeration and Seeding

For patchy lawns, our aeration and seeding services are designed to promote improved lawn growth. As we aerate your lawn’s soil, we’ll also lay grass seed. We rely on advanced seeds that are diverse and known for their natural resistance to pests and weeds.

Athletic Fields

Take pride in your organization’s athletic field and let NaturaLawn of America maintain its care. We rely on organic-based fertilizers and integrated pest management to care for your athletic field. Services like aeration and seeding help keep your field lush and green.

Deer Repellent Program

Deer can cause costly damage to lawns and landscapes. NaturaLawn of America can make your landscape less desirable relentless foragers. We can provide monthly spray applications to deter deer from dining on your landscape’s vegetation.

Fire Ant Control

Most sprays and powders are ineffective for controlling fire ant populations because they don’t target the queen. We feature a fire ant program that eliminates fire ant infestations by targeting the queen. Our solutions are safe for humans and pets because we don’t rely on harmful chemicals or pesticides to eliminate these pests.

Flea & Tick Control

Natural controls like plant extracts and other biological agents can keep fleas and ticks at bay. Our program is altogether safer for humans, pets, and lawns than pesticides.

Gopher Control

If gophers are wreaking havoc on your lawn, let NaturaLawn of America address these pests with our humanee solutions. We can repel gophers and other burrowing pests, preventing further damage to your landscape.

Grub Control

Grubs can cause unsightly damage to lawns. Our technicians can identify these pests and provide the ideal solutions to eliminate them from your landscape.

Mole Control

NaturaLawn of America employs biorational repellents to safely and effectively repel moles and protect your lawn in the process.

Mosquito Ranger

Mosquitos can prevent you from enjoying your own yard. During mosquito season, we can provide safe and affordable treatments to keep these pests at bay. We feature natural mosquito repellents that work.

Natural Alternative Ice Melt

Safe for vegetation and cured concrete, our Natural Alternative Ice Melt works in temperatures as low as -16°F.

Necrotic Ring Spot Control

If your lawn is plagued by necrotic ring spot, we can employ multiple solutions to stimulate root grass growth, helping you stamp out this disease so you can achieve a healthy lawn again.

Perimeter Pest Control

Prevent pests from getting inside your home with our Perimeter Pest Control, a safer solution for pest prevention that relies on biological controls instead of toxic pesticides.

Rose Care Program

NaturaLawn of America can provide a series of timed feedings of organic-based fertilizers and custom insect and mite control. Our technicians are rose-care experts and can help you keep your rose bushes in optimum health.

Tick Ranger

NaturaLawn of America provides effective tick control without relying on harsh chemicals. Our treatment is guaranteed and safe for well water.

Tree & Shrub Service

NaturaLawn of America can provide pruning, pest control, disease management, and fertilization for all types of trees and shrubs.

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